C.I. TAKIRON “IVY-ONE” – Cleanroom Wall Panels

Flame Retardant & Chemical Resistant Wall Panels

C.I. TAKIRON “IVY-ONE” is a cPVC (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) sheet material developed by C.I. TAKIRON Corporation. By bringing together flame retardant technology and chemical resistance technology for synthetic resin materials, this product is the world’s first material for the walls of pharmaceutical or food processing plants which are required to implement cleaning and sterilization with chemical solutions at frequent intervals.

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Benefits of FM Approved

Facer coatings, finish materials and bonding agents used in traditional wall panels may exhibit self-propagating fire behavior and generate large quantities of smoke, even with a small fire.

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Top Features

C.I. TAKIRON “IVY-ONE” is an advanced technology Pressure Laminate CPVC manufactured for interior wall covering applications where flame resistant, antimicrobial and durable materials are desirable. IVY-ONE also provides an ideal wall solution to achieve the cleanest possible environment due to its high density, non porous construction and natural chemical resistance. It is fully suitable for the harshest chemical cleaners and even direct high pressure steam.

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Easily installed on dry wall, mortar, or concrete surfaces. C.I. Takiron IVY ONE wall panels, inner corners, outer corners and transitions make installation a clean and easy process.

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