FM4882 Standards

What is FM4882 Standards?

FM4882 is a new standard of interior wall materials for clean room, developed by FM Global and the current FM4880 standard, “Class 1 Fire Rating of Insulated Wall or Wall and Roof/Ceiling Panels, Interior Finish Materials or Coatings, and Wall Systems.” Additionally, Class1 is required on ASTM E84 standard which is “Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials”

FM 4882 is applied to products used as interior wall materials for cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical and food processing plants, and this standard intends to minimize the possible safety hazards and risks, in the event of an unexpected fire (to suppress the spread of fire and minimize possible damage due to smoke generation).

FM4880 Standard

  • Evaluation items
  • Room Fire Test
    Qualifies Panels for Use Up to 10 ft in Height
  • 25 ft Corner Test (Optional )
    Qualifies Panels for Use Up to 30 ft in Height
  • 50 ft Corner Test (Optional)
    Qualifies Panels for Use to Unlimited Heights

ASTM E84 Standard

  • Evaluation items
  • ASTM E84 Standard is for surface burning characteristics of Building materials.
  • FSI (Flame Spread Index)
  • SDI (Smoke Developed Index)
  • Criteria for conformance to the standard
  • Class U/B SDI:26-75, FSI≤450
  • Class V/C SDI:76-200, FSI≤450

16ft High Parallel Panel Test

  • Evaluation items
  • FM Approvals 4.9m(16ft) High Parallel Panel Test
  • Average Smoke emission rate(Gsmoke)
  • TAKIRON “IVY-ONE” is an FM4882 standard approved product for applications involving heights of up to 30 ft.