cGMP Wall Cladding

cGMP Wall Cladding

Totally seamless, with excellent surface smoothness and FM4882 fire retardant approvals. The C.I. TAKIRON IVY-ONE solution minimizes shutdown time in critical production areas because of the simplicity of the installation effort. When critical production areas cannot afford lengthy downtime, but easy cleaning, sterilization, and fire retardancy are necessary, C.I. TAKIRON IVY-ONE is the answer.

No Coating, C.I. Takiron IVY-ONE is cPVC

Frequent activities occur in a cleanroom setting. Operators regularly move carts and equipment around. A coated wall system can chip, flake or crack, causing costly shutdowns. The C.I. Takiron IVY-ONE cGMP Wall Cladding system is made from IVY-ONE 573®, a thick durable material with tremendous impact resistance and durability. It won’t flake, chip or crack. There are no seams in the panels, once heat-welded together for a seamless configuration.

Industries that require clean, controlled cGMP manufacturing space will understand the benefit of the Takiron IVY-ONE cGMP Wall Cladding System.

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