TAKIRON “IVY-ONE” is an advanced technology Pressure Laminate CPVC manufactured for interior wall covering applications where flame resistant, antimicrobial and durable materials are desirable.



Step 1 – Pasting Double-Sided Tape

  • Attach Takitape #47 onto the back of IVY573.

  • Use 66 ft (20 m) long, double-sided adhesive tape for each 4’x8′ panel.

  • Attach the tape at equally spaced at intervals of 400 mm, starting from a position 5 mm to 10 mm away from one panel edge to a position 5 mm to 10 mm from the other panel edge.

  • After attaching the tape, immediately remove the tape’s protective paper.

Step 2 – Applying the Adhesive

  • Remember to use the specified adhesive Takibond #47.
  • Apply the adhesive evenly at a thickness of roughly 3 mm, along both sides of each double-sided adhesive tape and between the double-sided adhesive tapes on the backs of wall panels.
  • Use 11FLOZ (330ml x 2 Cartridge ) of adhesive for each 4’x8′ panel.
  • Use the adhesive with care, to attain a nearly evenly applied volume per unit area.



Step 3 – Fitting the IVY573

  • Take the wall panels with double-sided adhesive tape already attached, and push slowly, taking care to prevent separating or overlapping the panels.

  • Start the mounting from the reference surface side, taking care to ensure proper alignment to the reference surface.
  • Remember that the mounting work is a one-shot affair. Once mounted, wall panels cannot be pulled off.

Step 4 – Welding

  • For welding use the PVC welding rod 6171. Before welding, remove the protective film from the parts to be welded.
  • When the LEISTER HOT JET S welder is used, select an airflow setting of 4 (maximum), heater setting of 4 as a guideline, and welder compression of 1 to 2 kgf (2 to 4 lb).
  • Fix the welding rod into position while sliding it into the welding gun in the beginning before welding entirely.
  • Prior welding practice of welding rods with left over plates will help to attain successful results.